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Haven't posted in a while I hope all of you are dong well (better than me at least) I'm so disgusting. The day started of pretty good.
Breakfast: orange
Lunch: veggie patty (no bun no condiments nothing but a patty)
got home let my self eat half a protein bar and opps all of a sudden I'm in the pantry eating a whole row of oreo cookies. I freaked and purged it all which is saying a lot for me because I'm definitely an ana not mia.
I felt much better but I know I didn't get it all out.
I'm going to do a few crunches and do a quick run to hopefully burn some off and then maybe a icy shower to burn a few (ugh freezing myself now I know I'm desperate) thanksgiving is on its way eghhr. I'm vegetarian so at least that will give me an excuse not to eat much. I'll sit politely talking to everyone around me so as not to look suspicious.
Dinner: Ice water I dont deserve food for breaking my diet.

stay strongxxxxx
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I haven't posted in a while. My computer tottally crashed. How is everyone doing? I started my vegan diet thing I'm also excludeing any carbonated beverages, hydronated oils, high fructose corn syrup. Heck with it I guess all be eatting is lettuce and water. I have enough fat to live off.
I'm down 4 pounds I could hardly believe it I guess I'm starting to let go of all that water weight.
Good luck girls! xxxxxxxxxThinkxxxThinxxxxxx
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This morning I weighed myself and I was a 100 pounds even!!!!!! That was my target goal and from here I can set my standards ever farther. I looked in the mirror and I could see just a little hip bone from the front if I sucked in a little. I'll post some pics tomorrow probably. Here are my new goals:
CH: 5'3 1/2
CW: 100
BMI: 17.7
TW(target weight) : 95
GW: 87

I wish all of you the best of luck without your support I dont know weather I would have done this well even though I'm still fat.
Bless you
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I ate so much today I felt like everyone around me was pressuring me to eat They kept putting freak-in food on my plate and saying your lucky your skinny and can eat that. YEAH Right! If I hadn't been starving myself most of the time I would be even fatter than I am now. People love to force food down the face of people smaller than them not that I really consider myself small. I am so ticked off right now. I dont no weather its to late to purge this or starve myself for the next 2 months! Anyways..... I bought my halloween costume its a really super cute witch costume with orange striped knee highs that go about an inch passed my knee and stop and a black dress that stops 3 inches before my knee highs so it shows a little skin. Its so cute! I've lost about 15 pounds since the beginning of september so I feel a little better wearing it , but I still need to lose like 10 pounds before Halloween or I'm going to cry!!!! Thats 13 day's from now. If I start now and dont eat anything but a few little bit's of lettuce each day maybe I can do it. I hate myself for bingeing today but people are starting to notice my weight loss and I can tell they are getting a little nervous about it. Lettuce, water,vitamin supplement, light breakfast cereal every other day diet starts tomorrow. This is unacceptable I will not allow myself to be unhappy and fat any longer I will not eat!!!
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I just purged all that food festival crud out of my system. I feel so much better I took a calcium/antacid tums afterward to protect my teeth and esophagus thats my only fear about Mia. I have a new plan after school I go to my room where I have a tv, computer, phone and all my stuff to keep me busy and not come out that way I cant eat anything. Ever since I went vegetarian my mom has refused to cook 2 separate meals so I handle dinner on my own Score!!!!!! Thats my new diet water bottle isolation diet.
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IFOF is a term that means "identification friend or foe" most commonly used in the aircraft industry. It is a thing on an airplane that tells people reading the signal if they are a friend or foe. We now have a system of our own. I got this from another site: Have you ever wondered if the skinny girl you see has an ED (A or M)? And proud of it? You so desperately want to ask, or even try to make friends but are scared? Well, no more ... since we have our ribbon "Ana is a lifestyle..." and its red.

I propose that we all get a red beaded bracelet. You can make it or buy them. Wear it daily or when you go out to secretly say that you are proud to be pro-ana or proud to have an ED that is. Anytime you see someone wearing a red beaded bracelet, capture their eye contact and point to your bracelet, and if they return the same point to theirs ... then they are ED friendly. If not, then its just someone whom is wearing one.

As for those who are older and feel silly wearing a beaded bracelet, wear a red t-shirt every Monday or when you go out on Mondays.

Please pass this along to every proED clubs, forums, websites (secrets/public) for we need to be known widespread secretly amongst us. So, copy/paste everyone!!!
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